December 15,2017 release my first album "The Multicolored Trip". For to thank you of your support I decided to release the album in free download. downloadable from, for those who want to support me you can find album "The multicolored trip " in all digital stores with my new label GAHAN RECORDS. Thank you all for supporting me all 2017, without you i'm nobody. MARVIN doesn't forget it
Marvin Gahan

The Multicolored Trip

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Marvin Gahan presents his new album “The Multicolored Trip”. The album contains all the tracks of the 2107 with 2 unpublished tracks, November’s Trears and Crystal From Mars.
The voice has been added to the track “The Party In Your Life” , the track “How to drive At Night” has been changed and much more. The album Trance and Psy Trance will be in free download for free only from the site.
You can listen to the album, The Multicolored Trip on spotify and deezer. For those who want to support, you can find the album for sale on iTunes.

Listen/Download: “The Multicolored Trip”

Free Download: “The Multicolored Trip Free”

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